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Civil law notaries worldwide

  • International Union of Notaries (UINL)

    • The International Union of Latin Notaries (UINL) was founded in 1948. Its legal headquarters are in Buenos Aires while its administrative offices are in Rome.

    • It now acts as an umbrella organisation for all the publicly authorised notaries in the world (uinl.org) rather than just those from Latin countries; the acronym UINL has nevertheless been retained.

    • According to its articles of association, the UINL is "a non-governmental organisation constituted to promote, coordinate and develop the civil law notary worldwide".

    • It has 87 members on four continents.

    • It has a Board of Directors which acts as its executive, a General Council whose role is to make proposals, an Assembly of the member notary bodies and a large number of commissions including continental commissions for African, American and European affairs, various inter-continental commissions including those on human rights, ethics, public relations, and the International Notarial Cooperation Commission (C.C.N.I.)

  • Association of French-Speaking Notaries (Association du Notariat Francophone - ANF)

    • The Association was created on 17 March 1992 on the initiative of the French notariat with the support of the French Ministry of La Francophonie.

    • Its objectives are:
      - To develop the links between the francophone notariats and the various notaries of French expression,
      - Promote the human and legal values ​​underlying Latin law,
      - To pool the material and human resources to exchange experiences,
      - Encourage the holding, at regular intervals, of the assizes of the French notariat.

    • It currently includes 26 institutional member notariats of the Association and individual members who are individual members (74).

    • The ANF is a member of the Francophone Business Forum, the only Francophone economic organization registered with the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), the Association at the International Institute of French Expression and Inspiration Law (IDEF) , And the Association to the Francophone Association of Friendship and Liaison (AFAL) and the UN / NGO Committee accredited to the United Nations.

    • The ANF was accredited, by decision of the Permanent Council of the International Organization of la Francophonie of 30 June 2005, to INGOs in consultative status with the organs of the international Francophonie.

      - Publication of the "Letter of the ANF" every six months, including articles on the activities of the Association and current legal issues in the member notariats.
      - Publication of an Internet site:  www.notariat-francophone.org

  • The 28th International Congress of notaries will take place in Paris