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Legal cooperation in China

The French notariat has been active in China for over 15 years, in particular through the following actions:

  • Training of elites

    • More than 5200 Chinese lawyers have been trained to date through 57 seminars, including 33 in China in 24 provinces, 24 in France.

    • 52 Chinese students, selected at a level of excellence, were trained in the French language and French law within the framework of the two French-Chinese Legal Masters.

    • In addition, 18 Chinese students from Huadong University in Shanghai completed a three-month internship in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 in French notarial offices. More than 90 French students have completed an internship at the Shanghai Center.

  • The normative influence

    • The activity of the Center has promoted the publication of notarial law and the creation of a modern notariat in China in 2006.

    • Since 2010, the French notariat, in cooperation with the University of Law and Political Science of China in Beijing, Organized four colloquiums on rural law in front of academics and representatives of Chinese ministries.

    • This university is directly consulted by the Chinese State Council for all legislative reforms. French property expertise is highly appreciated. The Chinese Communist Party decided to set up a real estate registration system at its last congress. On 17 March 2014, the CSN held a colloquium organized by the French Embassy in Beijing on real estate registration in cooperation with the Association of Notaires of China, the Council of State, the Court of Appeal , The DG FIP of the Ministry of Finance and the Order of Surveyors.

    • The CSN subsequently received a delegation from the Ministry of Territory and Resources of China on October 28, 2015. Ms. Feng, Director of the Department of Land Registration of the Ministry, wanted to study the French cadastral and land registration system and the role of notaires in real estate transfers.

    • The CSN has also been providing expertise in forest management since 2013. A quadripartite agreement (CSN, Burau National Forest, Forest University and La Forestiere company); This agreement provides for the transfer of technical resources and the legal framework. A working seminar was held in China on 18-20 May 2016, bringing together the specialists (administrations, academics) of forest management in the various provinces of China. This mission had a follow-up in France on the ground in October 2016.
      At the request of Chinese lawyers, an important symposium was held in September 2016 on intellectual property.

    • Finally, the CSN received the Minister of Justice of China on 23 October 2013, Mrs. WU Aijing. Discussions focused on the role of the French notaire in real estate transactions, the collection of transfer taxes, the collective guarantee , new technologies, the titling- expertise on land, the role of the French Ministry of Justice in the appointment of notaires, Training and mediation - conflict prevention.

  • 2014: Participation in the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and the PR of China

    • On the occasion of this Cinquantenaire, the CSN joined the "Night of China" event at the Grand Palais in Paris on January 27, 2014. In addition, several events will be organized, entitled "Cinquantenaire".
      The CSN, together with Caisse des Dépôts, presented the "Create and Protect Heritage - 1848-1914 - Legal and Financial Framework" exhibition on 26 September in Shanghai and participated in a symposium on Urban Special Zones in Shanghai. For the exhibition, it demonstrated both the legacy and the current dynamics: protecting heritage is not the only conservation movement but also the basis for the creation of a heritage that takes care of the new concerns of contemporary society and Its responsibility for future generations.
      The exhibition was based on archival documents - elements taken from and deployed in a complete bilingual catalog. It was also presented in Beijing on Monday 29 September in cooperation with the French Embassy in the presence of the Ambassador.

    • A conference on "Sales of Real Estate" was held at the University of Law and Political Science of China in Beijing on Sunday, September 28th. This colloquium presented the French system as a whole: the notariat in its mission, the role of the Caisse des Dépôts, the financing of major infrastructure and urban development projects.
      Emphasis was placed on legal certainty and social harmony: the security of transactions and the benefits to society as a whole generated by this system, and in particular the importance in the current choices of sustainable Protecting heritage. Contributions came from lawyers and legal historians, financiers, town planners and architects, heritage managers and creators, researchers and teachers.

  • Information for expatriates and cultural exchanges

    • Since 2004, the CSN holds briefings in cooperation with French consulates in China for French expatriates on legal issues and answers their questions on a daily basis.

    • In 2011, the CSN, in partnership with the Chinese Cultural Center and the National Archives, organized an exhibition on the theme "Writing, Man and Law" at the Chinese Cultural Center, inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Justice Chinese Ambassador to France and the First President of the Court of Appeal. The exhibition was then received at the National Archives and then in the French cultural institutes in China.

  • Publications and translations

    • The Center publishes quarterly the "Courrier du Center", a bilingual magazine (more than 50 issues published) on notarial law, property and persons law translated into Chinese and Chinese translated into French and legal cooperation on these topics between the China and France, and translated texts and legal works; It also published a bilingual legal lexicon, and proceedings of its symposia.